The NFKC will run any class that has three or more karts on race day.

Any class that has one or two entries will race simultaneously with a like age group and speed.

Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle Classes

Pro Gas Animal Sportsman (7-12 years old)
Pro Gas Animal Junior (12-15 years old)
Pro Gas Animal Senior (15 and up)
LO206 Kid Kart (5-7 years old)
LO206 Sportsman (7-12 years old)
LO206 Junior (12-15 years old)
LO206 Senior (15 and up)

2-Cycle Classes

Rotax Mini MAX (8-12 years old)
TaG Junior (12-15 years old)
TaG Senior (15 and up)
Shifter (15 and up)

Pre-Race Tech Info
4-Cycle Class Guidelines