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Feb. 24-26 WKA Winter Cup Series
March 18 Local Points Race #3
March 24-26 WKA Gold Cup Series
April 8 Spina Bifida Charity 6-Hour Enduro


Following from 2017 LO206 Cup Official Rules. Same intent, but better defined than in Section 100 of WKA Tech Manual.

Un-sportsman like driving: Any actions taken by a competitor whether intentional or not on the race track that race officials determine are of an unsportsman like nature will be met with harsh penalties. These actions include but are not limited to blocking, bumping, pushing or steering into other drivers. Racers are required to give all karts "room to race". Furthermore, overly aggressive driving will not be tolerated.

Re-entering the course: If a driver goes off course, they must re-enter the course as far from the racing line as possible, and at a time in which it does not impact other drivers or cause them to take evasive action. Penalties will be assessed if race officials determine any advantage or gain was achieved by the driver exiting the course. A kart is considered off course if more than 2 wheels leave the racing surface.
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Automotive Addicts hasn't yet posted the numbers from this morning's Cars & Coffee at the Avenues Mall, but as The Donald would say, "It was HUGE". Special thanks to Jerry Yarbrough and Jim Hindery who brought karts to the event for show and tell and answered many, many questions. Great ambasadors for NFBC and the sport. Jim's Kid Kart was a HUGE hit. Jerry's matching father/son karts, motorized lift and trailer were HUGE attention getters. As expected, a lot of interest by Twenty-something guys now doing indoor karting at Autobahn, and interst by dads and grandads with Kid/Cadet/Junior class age sons. A surprising level of serious interest by Kid & Cadet age girls and their parents. ... See MoreSee Less

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When Pat suggested a "Run what ya brung" class, I should have asked if this is what he had in mind... ... See MoreSee Less

Shut up and take my money!

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